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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Daily Donut Day 29- Road Trip Bay Country Bakery

Several times over the last year we have passed this sign just to the east of Cambridge, MD. I have wanted to stop every time, I don't pass many donut shops without stopping. So today, Melissa, Shelby, and I decided to take a short road trip and see what this bakery was all about. I will NOT pass it again without stopping!
 You have got to love a place with a giant donut on the roof! One of my dreams is to have a donut on my roof. I would love to have one just like this or in NEON would be okay too.
Now for the donuts!

I would like to apologize to anyone who has been or will be behind me in a donut line. I examine the available donuts, ask questions, and press my face against the donut case to get the best view. You would think I was buying a new car! Sorry! Bay Country has a great selection of donuts, many flavors that you just don't see anywhere else!

I chose the Maple Glazed with Chocolate Drizzle. Isn't that a beauty! This donut had the best maple glaze I have ever tasted and the combination of the maple and the chocolate was a party in my mouth! The yeast raised donut is light and super fresh! I have to come clean and tell you I did eat more than one. You would too!

Shelby picked her favorite Boston Creme or as she calls it "a pudding donut." I think it passed her finger taste test! Mel was glad she made the trip and got the best sugar raised donut she has had in a long time. The donuts were so good, we all decided to stay and eat lunch which was just as good. Hot or cold sandwiches on fresh baked bread! This IS a full service bakery!!

Bay Country Bakery is located on Rt 50 East of Cambridge at 608 Shoal Creek Mall(410-228-9111). Check them out at Worth the drive from wherever you are!



kmwwu said...

hi keith, careful what you wish for! do you REALLY want a donut on your roof?? how fun!rox

Melissa said...

I fell in love with Bay Country Bakery...can you guys open one in Salisbury? It was the best sugar raised donut I've ever had!!!!

♥ "Sweet Melissa"

Keithaccino said...

Yes, I really do want a donut on my roof, but what would be even cooler would be a donut shaped swimming pool or maybe a whole house shaped like a donut! A guy can dream!

Anonymous said...

the address is actually 2951 ocean gateway. I believe its still addressed as there old address on some of there older business cards and such