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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Daily Donut Year 2- Happy Flag Day!



The Daily Donut Year 2- Mom's Birthday June 13th




June 13th is the birthday of my Mother, Joyce Nichols. This is how she looked when we told her actual age! WOW! She loves to go to the Texas Roadhouse(  at 107 East Cedar Lane in Fruitland, Md because her favorite clown(don't your Moms have a favorite clown?), Sunshine( is there making balloon art, cracking jokes, painting faces, and basically spreading mirth and merriment! Good Times!!

Sunshine is an excellent balloon artist! She even has her own little air compressor strapped to her back! WOW!

Nathan got a balloon sword! Unfortunately, it burst in the parking lot. DARN!

Mel and Shel and our own"Sweet Caroline" being "TOO CUTE", as just comes naturally to them!

The kids all got snakes painted on their arms! Gnarly!

Mom's Birthday Cake!! If we had put the correct amount of candles on, the fire alarms and sprinklers would have gone off!

After several attempts, the candles were finally blown out!


You know I cannot celebrate a birthday without DONUTS! The above lovelies are from Bayville Bakery(302-436-2220) at 37238 Lighthouse Rd just west of Fenwick Island, DE. These yeast raised donuts are BIG and FLUFFY! Honey Glazed, Marble Frosted, Creme Filled, and that Boston Creme must have weighed 5 lbs! Just full of delicious Boston creme!

An Elephant Ear! This light crispy cinnamony treat brings back memories of  Hooks Pastry Shop in the Old Salisbury Mall! Just one of many fresh baked goods available from the chefs at Bayville Bakery! Check them out on Facebook!


Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Daily Donut Year 2- BRF Birthdays and Grandma Barbara's Visit


At BRF (, we love to celebrate birthdays! Singing, cakes, funny group cards, and DONUTS! What could be more fun, and it just makes the work day HAPPIER! The first week of June we celebrate the births of our go-to party girl, Sweet Caroline( see Donut Day 9) and our designer extrordinaire Mikey-D( see Donut Day7). This year I decided to make donut faces with some grteat donuts I found at(believe it or not) WALMART!

 Caroline's Sweet Donut Face is constructed of three donut types all from the Walmart( at 409 N Fruitland Blvd in Fruitland, MD(410-341-4803). The donuts are one of the few things at Walmart that are made in the good old USA, but that will be a subject of another blog so just enjoy! All of the above are fresh, fluffy, yeast raised donuts! The eyes are "pretty in pink" with sweet pink glaze, the delicate nose is a "cool" triangle donut with my favorite "sweet angel" creme inside, and last is the wide long-john smile with pink striped vanilla glaze and also filled with that de-lish-us angel creme! SWEEEEET!

Mikey-D's Monkey Donut Face is an all CHOCOLATE extravaganza! The eyes are honey-glazed chocolate cake donuts, the nose is another triangular(aren't they cool?!) shaped donut topped with chocolate frosting and filled with delicious angel creme, last is the long john smile with chocolate frosting and filled with Boston creme or as Shelby calls it, "pudding."

We had a special guest this week! Grandma Barbara came from Silver Spring to attend the awards ceremonies at Carter, Blaine-o, and Chloe's schools. Wednesday after school let out we all tried to beat the heat at Roaring Point on  the Nanticoke River, I spent many Summers neear here as a kid at Waterview(also on the Nanticoke. Check out these cool pics!

Kayaking on the Nanticoke!
Coming back to shore- did someone bring DONUTS!

Blaine-0 Copter

Grandma Barbara got to see her Nats' Number One Draft Pick -Bryce Harper, the 6 million dollar man, when his Suns played our local Delmarva Shorebirds!(

Chloe and Shelby would rather ride the Merry-Go-Round!

Maple Bacon Ice Cream Sundae! Now that's what I'm talking about!


Friday, June 03, 2011

The Daily Donut Year 2- HAPPY DONUT DAY 2011!!!



This lovely selection of HOT fresh donuts is from the FRACTURED PRUNE shop at 210 Town Center Drive in lovely Millville, Delaware- just west of Bethany Beach. Call ahead at 302-537-7303.


This donut tastes just as good as it looks! The hot fresh FP cake donut is first dipped into a honey glaze, then into FRUITY PEBBLES cereal!! Yum! Hot, Sweet, and Crunchy!

The best thing about National Donut Day is....


Donut stop number two today was the DUNKIN DONUTS shop at 908 S. Salisbury Blvd in the heart of Salisbury, MD. Shelby and I shared a Boston Creme donut and Shel even got some"FREE" chocolate "Munchkins." Gotta love National Donut Day!

Even better when they're FREE!

Special thanks to those lovely Salvation Army ladies who served "donut" breakfasts to our American "Doughboys" during World War I. Without their contribution we would not even have a "DONUT DAY!"

Todays blog is in honor of Judith Amanda Pilgrim Nichols Godwin, the Mother of my beautiful twins, Emily and Lindsay, who would have been 45 today.
We miss you Mandy!


Wednesday, June 01, 2011

FWD:FWD:Dennys Pancake Puppies- These are Hawaiian Tropical flavor. Like a donut

Dennys Pancake Puppies- These are Hawaiian Tropical flavor. Like a donut hole pancake!

The Daily Donut Year 2

  Well, it has been a crazy year. I have eaten many more than 365 donuts(I could never eat just one). I weighed in this morning at 170 lbs, just one pound more that when I started last June 1st. I have not had a haircut in a while, so anyone who has seen me lately may agree that the extra pound of weight is on top of my head.

The Daily Donut Day 365- IN DEFENSE OF A DAILY DONUT

This article recently appeared in Yahoo health- very interesting:

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