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Monday, June 21, 2010

The Daily Donut Day 20 - Fathers' Day Favorite

                                  HAPPY FATHERS DAY 2010!

This is the 100th Fathers Day celebrated in the US. The first Fathers Day was celebrated on June 19, 1910. Wow! That's alot of Dads.
For this Fathers Day, I decided to go with the donut that in my opinion may be the very best available right now. Wingnuts Chocolate Glazed!!
I have sampled donuts up and down the East Coast. I have favorites at the Doughnut Plant in New York City and Spudnuts in Charlottesville, Va. Wingnuts Chocolate Glazed from Wingnuts at 1207 Mt. Hermon Rd in Salisbury(410-546-4780) is right up there with the best! The yeast donut is soft and just chewy enough. The secret in my opinion is the entire donut is dipped in the honey glaze, then topped with the chocolate glaze. Every bite has that sweet glazed goodness! Amen! I dropped a few of these off to my Dad, Nicky Nichols, and he made quick work of them. Happy Fathers Day Dad! We love you! Also Happy Fathers Day to Melissa's Dad, Larry Hamilton, in Michigan. We will be up there soon for fishing and donut hunting! Hope all you Dads have a great day and go ahead eat another donut! Eat Happy!

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