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Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Daily Donut Day 18- Fractured Prune Banana Nut Bread Donut

I, Keith Nichols, the Donut King declare that the next thirty or so Fridays will be Fractured Prune Fridays. They have at least that many different donut varieties and more. Fractured Prune has been an Ocean city legend since the 70's and they have recently started franchising around the world. Check out the history at( The shops are fun, brightly colored, and always smell of fresh donuts!

Starting down the list alphabetically kicks us off with the Banana Nut Bread Donut. All Fractured Prune donuts are made to order so you cannot get a fresher donut. You watch them being created before you very eyes! This is the cake donut with a banana glaze, cinnamon sugar, and peanuts on top. Your own personal banana bread. These donuts are always good, but best eaten fresh out of the box. Be careful don't burn your fingers! Our local Fractured Prune is on is on Rt13 across from the Su( campus 1303 S Salisbury Blvd.(410-546-9899). Stop by and watch them make some donuts for you! Eat happy!

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