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Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Daily Donut Day 25- Nathan's Birthday Donut


  Today, June 25th, is my nephew, Nathan's, 3rd birthday. Happy Birthday Nate Nate! Love you Buddy!

  Fridays at The Daily Donut are also Fractured Prune Fridays, where they make hot fresh donuts the way you want, while you wait. Check out  the Fractured Prune at

Nathan's birthday donut is the standard cake from Fractured Prune with a chocolate glaze and topped with multi-color sprinkles! Oh Yeah! Dig in Nate Nate! This donut was created at our local Fractured Prune at 1303 S Salisbury Blvd(410-546-9899). Stop by and create your own!

Happy Birthday Nathan!

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