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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Daily Donut Day 22- DeVage's Orange Glazed

DeVage's at 748 E. Main St in Salisbury(410-334-2200) is right around the corner from my house. Not only do they make sweet cake donuts, but they make great cheese steaks, and subs, too! The location is a Salisbury landmark and was for many years, The Polar Bar. This was one of the original soda fountains in Salisbury and my Dad and his friends would hang out there when he was in High School. It feels like Arnold's from Happy Days!(
My good friend Vince Guiliano is celebrating his birthday today, June 22nd. Vince's Dad, Mr. Nick(Mr. G), was the long-time Industrial Arts and Drivers Ed instructor at Wi-Hi.( Mr G made the original Polar Bar wood sign that used to hang above the counter, so I thought a DeVage's/ Polar Bar donut would be the perfect tribute to Vince on his birthday!

The Devage's have continued the tradition of the great Polar Bar donuts. These cake donuts are soft, sweet, and always fresh. They offer many different toppings and you can't eat just one. Great job DeVage's. Thanks for keeping the Polar Bar donut alive!
Happy Birthday Vince! We will see you soon, whip you at tennis, and buy you a donut!
June 22nd is also the birthday of Kris Kristofferson, one of the greatest songwriters and cool characters of our time. Check him out at!
Eat Happy!

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