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Monday, June 14, 2010

The Daily Donut Day 13- Mom/Grandma's Birthday

  My mother, Joyce Nichols, loves donuts. As a matter of fact, she and her mother, Beatrice(see Donut Day8) taught me everything I know about donuts from making them  to "over"eating them! When I asked Mom which donut she would like for her birthday donut on June 13th, I was not surprised when she picked MY personal favorite donut right now, Wingnut's chocolate angel(see Donut Day2). Since we have already given tribute to this wonderful donut, we decided to go with her second choice and since she IS my mother-
She gets two! Along with her chocolate angel, Mom picked Wingnut's cinnamon coffee roll. Everything from Wingnut's Donut Shop at 1207 Mt. Hermon Rd.(410-546-4780) is always fresh and as Pa Jim would say "super good!" Stop by Wingnut's when you are in Salisbury and congratulate the owners on the birth of their new baby boy. Always room in this world for another donut maker!
Happy Birthday Mom/Grandma! Notice the extended pinkie finger, perfect donut eating etiquette. After one bite, she put her donut down and ate it with a fork. The balloon wrist corsage was made by Sunshine the Clown( How many 66 year olds get a clown at their birthday party!?

Sunshine made a beautiful heart wand for "Princess Shelby"

Caroline got a cool octopus sculpture! Nicholas and Nathan were moving so quickly , their pictures came out blurs. Nathan's birthday is coming up soon, so we'll adjust the camera .

Mom's party was held at the Texas Roadhouse at 107 E Cedar Ln in Fruitland( A fun time was had by all, even though I was attacked by the balloon octopus, who tried to suck my brains out.

Hope you had a great birthday Mom! We love you and Eat Happy!!


Emily said...

Happy Birthday Grandma! I want an octopus balloon like that!

Keithaccino said...

Sorry you had to work Em- Maybe we can get Sunshine for you and Linds' birthday this year.

Chris said...

Okay so I saw the link to this on Melissa's FB page and now eagerly read it each day so that I can sit here and salivate and yearn for a darn doughnut - so not fair! Keep up the yummy work!!!

Keithaccino said...

Thanks Chris! Next time you visit- you can pick the donut of the day!

Anonymous said...

This is really the coolest thing ever! I almost started to cry when I saw this website and saw the picture of Mommom and Aunt Linda. Then when I read about how to make the donuts and the memories started coming back my heart filled with warmth and love I always felt growing up! Thank you Keith for sharing :) Love you!

Keithaccino said...

Thanks Kimberly- Love you too! Make some donuts!