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Sunday, June 06, 2010

The Daily Donut Day 6- Hockers/ G&E

Powdered Sugar Yeast Raised Donut!! This is about as basic as you can get. I am sure when the first donut was created- and it was good! But plain. After a while people started thinking, what can we do to make this even better. First, the sugar raised, then cinnamon sugar, but wait how about "powdered sugar"? And it was REALLY GOOD! Thank you donut creators for the gift of the powdered sugar donut, if you could tell me how I can keep all that powdered sugar off my face, shirt, and pants, that would be even better.

If you have never been to a Hockers/G&E- it is worth the ride.  Side by side grocery/ hardware/ sporting goods stores at two locations near the beach in Clarksville and Oceanview, DE.  They have everything but a place for me to sleep and that is why I don't live there. Plus they make their own donuts on the premises everyday which makes me wish they had a place for me to sleep, so I could live there. My daughter, Lindsay, worked at the Hockers in Oceanview her first summer after high school. She learned all aspects of the grocery business including cutting meat, the cash register, and stocking shelves. All, that is, except how they make these fantastic donuts. Linds, I may have to send you back to Hockers to learn the donut making secrets.
I do know, you can never go wrong with a fresh powdered sugar donut and Hockers does theirs up right. The yeast makes it light and fluffy and the powdered sugar makes it- oh so tasty! If you do get powdered sugar on your shirt, just rub it in and if you need something sweet later, you can chew on that part of your shirt. That's what I do! Visit the Hockers/G&E where Lindsay worked and ask the employees if they remember her at 30244 Cedar Neck Rd in Oceanview or online at Eat Happy!

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