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Thursday, July 01, 2010

The Daily Donut Day 30- Hocker's/G&E Vanilla Creme

30 DAYS! The first 30 days of The Daily Donut Blog are complete! Only 335 days to go! I have eaten 30 different donuts, plus a few more! Will weigh in tomorrow!

This chocolate topped vanilla filled donut was made at Hockers/G&E on 30244 Cedar Neck Rd in Oceanview, DE(302-539-9662) where they make fresh donuts every day. Hocker's/G&E has a second location on the corner of Rts. 16 and 26 in Clarksville, DE. Both locations have a grocery store, hardware/sporting goods store, and gas pumps. Now, that is full service shopping. Fill your gas tank, your grocery cart, your belly, and get bait for fishing all at one location! Check them out at

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