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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

The Daily Donut Day 8- Mom Mom Phillips' Biscuit Donuts

  When I was a kid, okay- when I was young. People would argue that I'm still a kid, and glad to be in many ways. When I was young, my cousins and I spent many weekends at my Grandparents' farm between Delmar and Mardela Springs. I am the oldest grandchild, so for a few years of my childhood my Aunts Linda and Nancy and my Uncle Jimmy were still living at the house. All these people made for a pretty full house, but in a good way. We all went to the Hebron Carnival, Sang "off key" while Jimmy played the old upright, and I went along on several of my Aunts' and Uncle's dates. But, this blog is about donuts. I would be glad to tell the old stories another time.
  Our favorite breakfast, when we were allowed to choose was a big batch of Mom Mom's biscuit donuts. Powdered sugar and cinnamon sugar!!
We would all beg Mom Mom to make these donuts every time we stayed over. I think my aunts and uncle liked it when I stayed, because they knew since I was the first grandchild, Mom Mom would make the donuts for me. Thanks Mom Mom- Love and miss you!

Well, my twins Emily and Lindsay were raised on these donuts and are experts in making them by now. Shelby likes to help and is our perfect taste tester. She loves donuts as much as Daddy. So for today's blog, we have decided to share the secret and show you how to make our Mom Mom's donuts. And the best part of the secret- it's EASY!!

Step1- Procure some type of pop-up canned biscuits. We got Pillsbury Grands because they are big and fluffy. You can use any, other than the layered biscuits, they will flake apart while frying.

Step 2- Lay your biscuits out on a flat surface and punch out the centers to make a hole. We use the lid from vanilla extract because that is what Mom Mom used and you don't mess with tradition at our house. Four small donut holes can be rolled together to make one large. You could also cut the biscuits in half , roll, and make a batch of all holes- but this is a DONUT blog.

Step 3- Heat enough oil in a pan to allow the donuts to float. Melissa let us use her Suzanne Somers Deep Fryer, but a couple of inches of oil in a high-sided frying pan would work just as well.
Step 4- Fry donuts approximately 1 minute on each side until fluffy and golden brown. Remove from oil and dry on paper towels.
Step 5- Now for the fun part. Place 3 or 4 donuts in a paper bag, careful not to overfill. You do not want your bag to break. Add a generous amount of topping. We use powdered sugar for one bag and a cinnamon sugar combination for another. Be creative and try other toppings if you choose. Flavored powered sugars are now available. Next, shake it like a Polaroid picture! As you can see, Lindsay and Emily are shaking Ninjas and may be rented out for a small fee.
Step 6- Add any additional toppings and decorate. As you can see, Shelby likes the sprinkles!
Step 7- Share and enjoy! You are a donut maker!
For more recipes with pop-up biscuits visit Special thanks to Emily, Lindsay, and Shelby Nichols for all your help. Love you girls!!
This blog is dedicated to Beatrice Irene Malone Phillips, my Mom Mom, a great cook and lady, and a true believer in Eat Happy!
Mom Mom with Aunt Linda on her wedding day.


Emily said...

We had fun making donuts!

simplydelicious said...

This is the kind of donuts I have always made and Michael and Kellee and the girls LOVE them!!! We've passed on the tradition to Michael..he made them the whole time he was in college!!


Keithaccino said...

Thanks! That was big fun!!