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Saturday, June 05, 2010

The Daily Donut Day 5- Layton's Dip'N Donuts

Always time for donuts!! Dontcha love it!!

  Got a call early this morning from my daughter, Emily. Seems she had been working in Ocean City all night, was just finishing her shift, and getting ready to head home for some well earned shut eye. Now what do you think my wonderful worn-out daughter did, but offer to stop by Ocean City's legendary donut shop, Layton's Dip'N Donuts and bring me a fresh dozen all the way in Bethany Beach. Score!! I'm not quite sure what I did right during her 24 years, but I'm taking full credit for it now! Thanks Em! Love you and all your donut delivering sweetness!
The donut that jumped out of the box at me was this cute little cake nugget with blueberry crumbles. Layton's makes great chewy yeast donuts along with their filled and cake donuts and has a great breakfast menu to boot. Unfortunately for me, this donut tasted like two more. If you count all the donuts I have eaten since Tuesday, I am approximately two weeks ahead of this blog- and loving every minute of it!! Guess we will find out July 1 if these guys are adding on any extra pounds.
When you are in Ocean City, you must stop by Layton's Family Restaurant and Dip'N Donuts on the corner of 16th St and Philadelphia Ave. (410-289-6635)
Eat Happy!

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