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Friday, June 04, 2010

The Daily Donut Day 4- National Donut Day cont.

Happy Donut Day 2010!! As you can now see by the header, I decided to celebrate National Donut Day by visiting my local Dunkin Donut shop at 908 S Salisbury Blvd in Salisbury.(410-749-5999)

National Donut Day was started in 1938 by the Salvation Army as a fundraising event to honor the Salvation Army volunteers who had offered home cooked to meals to our soldiers fighting overseas during World War 1. Legend has it the ladies cooked many different breakfast items for the soldiers, but the most popular was the down home donut. Donuts were fried in whatever was available to hold the oil over a open fire. Many times metal trash cans or even the soldier's helmet was used as the pot in which to cook the donuts. And those boys ate them up!  

National Donut Day is the day when many donut shops offer free donuts(1 per customer) or free donuts with a beverage purchase. How can you go wrong with that deal. I do know October is national donut month, but I'm not sure what kind of freebies are available then. I will get back to you on that. My choice from my  Dunkin Donut shop on National Donut Day wasthis lovely sugar raised lemon jelly filled. Looks just like a sunny day, doesn't it? I actually let my server at the "DD" decide and I must say he made a great choice. The sugar on the outside is just right with the tanginess of the lemon jelly and the melt in your mouth freshness. A little taste of sunshine, perfect for the beginning of summer. I hereby declare National Donut Day, the first Friday of June, will from this day forth be the official first day of Summer!! All those with me say- AYE!!

 How could I celebrate National Donut Day without forcing my coworkers at to eat donuts with me. A special thanks to all those who chose to participate. Donuts for everyone!Michael had his favorite chocolate with Bavarian creme. We will revisit this one on his birthday coming up soon!Karin, with an "i" had a marble frosted. Sweet!! I think I did force this on her a little. Sorry.Mama Nicole and "Baby" Shaw enjoyed a Homer Simpson(strawberry iced w/sprinkles. Doh!
Thanks to all! I hope everyone had a great National Donut Day! Stop by your local "DD" or visit at and Eat Happy!

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