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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

The Daily Donut Day 2- Wingnut Chocolate Angel

  The donuts you see above are in my opinion one of Salisbury's best kept secrets. The Wingnut shop on Mt. Hermon road across from the Twilley Center was originally a Donut Connection. "Wingnut" is the owner of this establishment and everyone I have come into contact with here is quite pleasant. The place just smells good when you walk in. Donut Heaven!!
  I chose the Chocolate Angel creme for this blog because it has always been one of my favorites and it is not always an easy donut to find. Most donut shops have the Chocolate Bavarian creme and I am sure I will sample a few over the next 364 days, but the angel creme can be a little more elusive.
  I have heard rumors of how the angel creme is made. The general consensus is that it is made with powdered sugar and Crisco. I will tell you I have tried this at home and my angel creme is nothing like what you find in the donut shop. I will trust the shop on this one.
  This donut does not have a hole because it is packed with this wonderful white creme of "angels". There is just enough chocolate on the outside to counteract the extra sweetness of the creme and the combination with the soft donut is heaven in your mouth. Maybe that is where the "angel" comes from. I am not sure of the calories in this donut and frankly I don't care. Something this"heavenly" can't be too bad for you- can it?
  Please stop by the Wingnuts Donut Shop at 1207 Mt. Hermon Rd(410-546-4780) and try this or one of the other donuts you may see in future blogs. This IS the closest donut shop to my house. And yes, I did eat all three of the donuts pictured above( for research purposes only). Eat happy!!


1stAngel said...

We have these in the UK too.... LOVE them!

Anonymous said...

Now you're talkin'

Keithaccino said...

Thanks! I will have to revisit this donut from other donut shops- it is one of my favorites!