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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

The Daily Donut Day 7- Michael's Birthday

mensch (m nsh) n.- good person: somebody, good, kind, decent, and honorable. (see picture below)
Imagine that! I looked up the Yiddish word "mensch" in the dictionary and there was Michael Denofrio's picture. Such a great definition of a great friend, although  the pronunciation with my Eastern Shore accent would take away some of the reverence.
I have decided as part of this donut blog to honor friends birthdays by eating their favorite donut on their birthday and if possible, sharing a donut with that person.

Michael's favorite donut is the Boston Creme. The donut pictured is from Dunkin Donuts at 908 S. Salisbury Blvd.(410-749-5999)
In preparation for today's blog a question was raised that I don't think I had considered before.
What is the difference between a Boston Creme donut and a Bavarian Creme donut?
Does anyone know? I don't think I had thought about it before, I just figured different donut shops named their donuts how they chose. My youngest daughter, Shelby, calls these donuts with "pudding" and these are also her favorite. She likes to dig the pudding out with her finger.
With apologies to Boston and Bavaria, I have decided the best description is as follows. A Boston creme donut is a yellow creme filled(pudding) donut with chocolate icing on one side, similar to a Boston Creme pie. A Bavarian creme donut is the same donut, but with powdered sugar on the outside instead of chocolate. Many donut shops use the same filling for both, some do not. Both donuts are delicious. Glad we were able to clear that up. Michael, I enjoyed your donut and we all learned some Yiddish. Find your local Dunkin Donut shop at
And now some pictures of Michael! We love ya!


Cindy said... the pics. They brought back such fun memories! Love your blog.

Keithaccino said...

Thanks Cindy! I am having the time of my life!