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Friday, June 11, 2010

The Daily Donut Day 11- WAWA Cookies & Cream

Who does not love an Oreo cookie? Cookies and cream ice cream- great idea-right? So, why not cookies and cream donut? Wawa, thank you for making my Oreo dreams come true! I decided to let my coworker, Rachel, pick my donut today and since she was getting lunch for everyone from Wawa's, why not get my donut there too? I was surprised because, I don't remember ever seeing a cookies and cream donut before. I just wish I had a glass of milk big enough to be able to dunk this guy! The yeast raised donut is filled with my favorite angel cream, but it also has the chocolate specks like cookies and cream ice cream. Awesome! There is vanilla icing on the outside, just like the creamy Oreo center, and the topping is crumbled Oreo cookie. I believe this is the perfect incarnation of the Oreo cookie as a donut. This donut came from Wawa #836 at 774 Garfield Parkway in Bethany Beach(302-537-2663).
Rachel, thanks for your excellent donut selection and for dropping off the squirrels in my neighborhood, they are fun to watch. Check out to find the location nearest you. Also check for more recipes and information on Oreo cookies. Eat Happy!

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