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Thursday, June 03, 2010

The Daily Donut Day 3 -"Giant Donuts?!!"

  Not long ago I got a call from Melissa's sister Julie. I remember it was one of the big snowstorms last winter and Julie's kids were at our house sledding our hill. Julie told me to get ready because she was on her way over and was bringing me a big surprise of "giant donuts". Wow! In my mind I imagined a donut approximately the size of my head or at least the size of a frisbee. Wouldn't that be cool?!!
  Well, when Julie arrived, we all gathered around as she placed the donuts in the center of our dining room table. I have never been disappointed by a donut, but I remember thinking to myself that those donuts, while thick, fluffy, and beautiful, did not look any larger the average donut shop donut. When I politely mentioned this to Julie, very politely, because I did not want to make anyone think I didn't want to partake of these lovely orbs. I was informed that "giant" donuts meant from Super Giant or Giant Foods, not necessarily that the donuts were giant in size. Still delicious though.
This is the Giant donut I had the pleasure of eating today. This is a yeast raised donut with vanilla icing. The yeast makes this donut extra tall and airy. This guy was approx 2inches thick and melt in your mouth delicious. These donuts are made daily at the Bake Shop inside your local Super Giant. Check them out at I must say, even though these donuts were not quite as big as my head they do have a "giant" taste.

I dedicate today's blog to the memory of Judith Amanda Pilgrim Nichols Godwin, who would have been 44 today. Mandy is the mother of my beautiful daughters Emily and Lindsay. I know if she had picked, I would have eaten a Shipley Do-nut today and I promise to to do a Shipley Do-nut blog before my 365 days are done. We love and miss you Mandy!! 

1 comment:

Emily said...

Yes shipley donuts are the best and I am sure that is the donut she would have picked on her birthday. Happy Birthday mom love you and miss you