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Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Daily Donut Day 23- Amy Lynn's Birthday French Cruller

This is my baby sister Amy Lynn on her 1st birthday. She has had a few since, she now has three kids of her own, but she will always be my baby sister! Happy Birthday Amy! Love you!

Amy's favorite donut has always been the French Cruller. Who couldn't love this light twisty tasty donut from Dunkin Donuts at 908 S Salisbury Blvd(410-749-5999). The swirls hold extra glaze and the donut is so light, you want to pull it apart instead of taking big bites.  French Crullers are made with special choux pastry dough and were originally only made by hand. The newer donut machines have a special tip that squirts out these twisty masterpieces lickety split.A Donut masterpiece!
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