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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Daily Donut Day 90- Jeannie Faye's Birthday


Whenever there is a birthday in my group of friends, we try to get everyone together and EAT! Let someone else do the cooking and clean-up!
Jeannie Faye is the wife of my brother, T-Dawg(Keith Timmons) and our official Historian. She remembers all the birthdays and documents all events with pictures. Great job, Jeannie, we love you Girl!
Jeannie's birthday dinner was held at the Uno Chicago Grill at 100 East Cedar Lane in Fruitland(410-334-6565). Uno's is a great place for our group because we can be loud, there is plenty of room, a wide selection of food to keep everyone happy, and the wait staff is very patient with us! Check out your local Uno's at!


Jeannie Faye has an "in" at the local Salisbury Fractured Prune at 1303 S Salisbury Blvd. She has been the hairdresser of Charlie, the local "FP" owner for many years. On my last visit to "FP", Charlie told me about a new donut flavor that I know was designed with Jeannie in mind!


Jeannie has always appreciated the health benefits of the coffee liqueur,Kahlua, and is an expert maker of the "Mudslide" mixed drink.

Mudslide Recipe
1oz Kahlua
1oz Irish Creme
1oz Vodka
The Fractured Prune Mudslide Donut is the hot cake donut dipped in a caramel glaze, then topped with Oreo crumbles and powdered sugar. Enjoy a Mudslide Donut with a Mudslide Drink! Check out your local "FP" at Design your own DONUT!

Jeannie enjoyed her Mudslide Donut! Sorry we did not supply you with a Mudslide drink- we owe you one!

My buddy, Gravy,  thought the donut was soo pretty he could wear it as an earring. I think he was just trying to get someone to nibble his ear!

Shelby decided to eat her donut without getting her hands dirty. Look Mom- No Hands!!
A FUN time was had by all!


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