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Thursday, August 05, 2010

The Daily Donut Day 65- Bud's Cherry Glazed Cake Donut

Bud's started as a full service gas station in Interlochen, Michigan( in the 50's. When I say full service I mean they sold gas, fishing and camping supplies, food, and DONUTS! They even had miniature golf!

This is Bud's today.  Over 50 years later, Bud's is updated to serve the growing Interlochen community while still keeping all the down home charm that has endeared this great place to visitors for many years. The miniature golf is across the street now, but still the same old Bud's. Cool Place! Check them out at

I had to try the Bud's Cherry Glazed Cake Donut. Michigan is the #1 producer of cherries in the United States. We just missed the Annual Cherry Festival( in Traverse City( by about a week. They make these beauties fresh every day! This homemade style cake donut hits the spot. There are even real cherries in the honey cherry glaze! Awesome!

Summer Vacation 2010 is in full swing! Check out these pictures to see the fish we are catching!

Blaine caught a good looking Large Mouth Bass! Too bad it was too small to keep. Catch him again next year when he is bigger!
Chloe caught a Pretty Perch with paparazzi all around!
Shelby caught the most fish of the day! Unfortunately, they were almost all too small. Great job Shel!

Donuts for breakfast, fish for dinner!



Chris said...

Great pictures! Looks like you are having a blast!

Keithaccino said...

Yes!- the fish are biting and I am biting donuts I have never tried before! Sweet!

Sweet Melissa said...

I would like to add, that I rode a bicycle 5 miles to Bud's and 5 miles back home so my man would have company on his trip to the famous Bud's of Interlochen. Somehow this fact was omitted from his post, I'm not sure how THAT happened.

Keithaccino said...

Sorry Baby, you certainly deserve your props for riding with me! If I had any pics I would have posted them. Thanks Mel- Love you!