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Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Daily Donut Day 85- Wingnuts Double Chocolate Frosted Donut

One of my friends and co-workers at BRF(, Cheryl, is also a Wingnuts devotee. She stops by Wingnuts at 1207 Mt Hermon Rd in Salisbury(410-546-4780) for her morning coffee and occasionally a donut or two. Today she brought enough Wingnuts donuts to share with everyone! Thanks Cheryl!



You know if donuts are around, I will come running! I was able to choose the"pick of the litter" of this dozen donuts. Wingnuts version of the Double Chocolate Fudge Donut is another winner! This chocolate cake donut soft and fresh. The entire donut is dipped in honey glaze, then topped with rich chocolate fudge. There is enough fudge on top of this donut to make it heavy. It is a work out just lifting it to your mouth to take a bite. Great idea- do arm curls with your donut while you are eating it! Great Donut!



simplydelicious said...

Oh my goodness...this makes my water! I want it now!!

Keithaccino said...

They are super good!