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Monday, August 30, 2010

The Daily Donut Day 89- Griff's Chocolate Frosted Donut

Had to stop by the rental office of Coldwell Banker today to get a key to a customer's unit and visit my old friend, Ellen. Check with Ellen at if you ever want to vacation in Bethany Beach(

Lucky for me, there is a donut shop just beside the Coldwell Banker office on Coastal Highway!

Griff's Bakery and Donut Shop is one of the busiest in Bethany. Griff's is located in the Hickman Village Shopping Center on Rt1/Coastal Hwy in Bethany Beach(302-539-8879). I have blogged about Griff's cake donuts in previous entries, see Donut Days 12 & 62, but today I was able to get a special Griff's treat!


This donut is always sold out when I stop by Griff's and now I know why! The yeast raised donut is soft and slightly chewy, but still light and fluffy! Awesome! The chocolate adds just the right amount of sweetness to each bite! YUM!
I am going to start calling ahead and get Griff to hide a few of these beauties for me! I was able to procure 4 of these chocolate frosted sweeties and I did share as my Momma told me to! Two went to my friend Ellen and one was shared with my co-workers at BRF( I had to keep one for myself!


Stop by and see Ellen for your next Bethany Beach vacation and run next store to Griff's for a great donut!


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