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Monday, August 23, 2010

The Daily Donut Day 81- Doughnut Plant NYC Tres Leches

                   I AM THE LUCKIEST BOY IN THE WORLD!

                   With the help of my friend and co-worker at BRF(, Caroline(see Donut Day9), and her friend, Diana, owner of the Judith M Charter Boat( Donut Day37), I have been able to make a "Donut Love Connection."

                   Diana is a native New Yorker and on her last visit home she was gracious enough to stop by one of my Donut Meccas and procure for me some of the best donuts available in the world!

When in 1994 Mark Isreal started making doughnuts using his grandfathers recipe in the basement of a tenement building on New York's Lower East Side, he did not know he would revolutionize the donut industry. Mark's donuts utilizing fresh fruits, roasted nuts, and organic ingredients have inspired  many "craft" donut makers all over the world.

Mel, Lindsay, and Shelby took me to the Donut Plant on my birthday a couple of years ago. I have been trying to get back ever since. Thanks Diana!


The Tres Leches Doughnut or "three milk donut" is made using evaporated milk, condensed milk, and heavy cream. Mark introduced this melt in your mouth beauty on Cinco de Mayo after a trip to Mexico and it quickly became one of his signature donuts. This sweet cake donut has a taste like no other and each bite leaves you wanting more! I am in Donut Heaven!

If you love donuts, you must visit the Doughnut Plant at 379 Grand St in New York(212-505-3700). When I was there, they even let me run a tab while I tasted as many varieties as I could. Check out the cool website at

Special thanks to Carolina and Diana for making my donut dreams come true!


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