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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Daily Donut Day 75- Rachel's Birthday


Rachel is the busy lady at BRF( who keeps the showroom floor looking good! This is a tough job, because items are being sold every day and being removed from the floor. Sometimes within the hour of being set up! That's retail! Gotta love it! She has also been known to keep me stocked with donuts, sneaking one onto my desk after she has been out running errands! You know I love that!

Rach is a Salisbury native, but she spent several years in the Lancaster, PA( making things beautiful at The Sight and Sound Theatre( in Lancaster.
With Rachel's connection to the Pennsylvania Dutch Country(, you know I had to track down an Amish Donut!

Wingnuts Apple Fritter(Apple Ugly) fits the bill. This cinnamon apple donut creation is an Amish delicacy right up there with "shoo-fly-pie" and "whoopie pies." The Amish call this an "Apple Ugly" because the conglomeration of dough, apples, and cinnamon does not look like regular donuts or "fausnaughts(fastnachts)" as they call donuts. To me, this is a thing of beauty!
The apple and cinnamon together with the texture of the dough makes this doughnut fun to eat! The nooks and crannies create little puddles of glaze and makes eat bite slightly different. Those Amish know how to eat! Stop by Wingnuts at 1207 Mt. Hermon Rd in Salisbury(410-546-4780) for your own "Apple Lovely."

Rach and Cheryl enjoy a bite of a well deserved birthday donut! Thanks for all you do, Rachel!


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