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Friday, August 06, 2010

The Daily Donut Day 66- Tom's Hammond Creme Filled Longjohn

Tom's Food Markets opened in Traverse City, Michigan in 1946 as Deering's Market specializing in meats. I am glad they have expanded over the years to a full service food market with a great bake shop, that makes- you guessed it- DONUTS!

 Tom's Hammond Creme Filled Longjohn Donut is AWESOME! The closest thing we have to this back home is an eclair. This is basically an angel creme filled donut with chocolate topping, but it is approximately 4 inches wide by 8 inches long! Oh my donut! It is like getting two donuts in one! Got to love those LONGJOHNS, but they may have to change the shape of the donut boxes. There is no way you are getting a dozen of these guys in a regular donut box. My longjohn came from the newest Tom's location at 9475 Market Dr. in Interlochen(231-944-1552). Check them out online at


Sunrise on Green Lake! Got to get out there while the fish are looking for their breakfast.

Steve caught a nice Rocky on his last day at the lake. Thanks for coming Steve! Good fun!

Julie took the honors this year with this 15 inch Small Mouth Bass! Now that is a keeper- he was bigger than my longjohn donut!

Think I may try donuts as bait tomorrow. That should attract a big fish with a sweet tooth!


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