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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Daily Donut Day 50- What Is A Keithaccino?

keith*a*cci*no n - A hot beverage with coffee and ice cream. ( see also Keith Nichols and "ways of life")

Keithacinno IS my nickname, but it is also the coffee drink that gave me this name and here is how you make one:

STEP 1: Start off with a pot of fresh hot coffee. I prefer Zabars Blend from Zabars in NYC( when I can get it. Good coffee!

STEP 2: Scoop out a nice big scoop of your favorite ice cream. For the purpose of this demonstration, I am using chocolate marshmallow swirl ice cream to create my Smores Keithaccino. Greens Ice Cream( makes a great Chocolate Marshmallow.

STEP 3: Drop the scoop of ice cream into your favorite coffee mug and fill with hot coffee. I have added Graham Crackers( because I am making the Smores Keithaccino(coffee, chocolate marshmallow ice cream, and graham crackers). Good Stuff!

STEP 4: Add your donut! Today's donut is the standard cake donut from my local Super Giant( at 751 S. Salisbury Blvd. in Salisbury(410-742-1343). This donut is perfect for dunking into your Keithaccino and doubles as a spoon!
Congratulations! You have made a Keithaccino, but remember, Keithaccino is not just a name or a coffee drink! Your Accino is a way of life! Your wild and crazy alter-ego! It is a way of grabbing life by the ears and saying- "Hey Bud, Let's party!" You must embrace your inner "accino!" Here is how:

Your Name(write your name) + "accino" = "your accino"

You may be Steveaccino, Mikeaccino, Susieaccino, or Chrisaccino! Whatever "accino" you are, you must embrace your inner "accino" and now go forth and spread the word!
You have been "ACCINOFIED!"

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