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Sunday, July 04, 2010

The Daily Donut Day 32- Alicia Mae's Birthday


Anyone recognize this cherubic youngster? This little angel is my friend Alicia Mae Gravenor, wife of my buddy Mark(Gravy), who celebrated her BIG 40 birthday on Friday. We had a crowd of friends and family ready to surprise Alicia at The Olive Garden( at 2316 N Salisbury Blvd by the Centre at Salisbury. How can you go wrong with good friends, good food, wine, birthday cake, AND donuts?!!
Since it is Fractured Prune Friday, I gave Alicia her choice of any Fractured Prune donut. She chose the local favorite O.C Sand Donut. This is the standard cake donut with a honey glaze and topped with cinnamon sugar. If real O.C. sand tasted this good, we would need even more beach replenishment. I think Alicia enjoyed her donut, as you can see in the above picture. That is her dad, Nick, looking on from behind.
Wow! Someone call the fire department or help Alicia blow these candles out before they set off the sprinklers in this place!
T-Dog and Gravy(Alicia's lucky husband). Look out T-Dog your b-day is next and your already past the big 40!

Happy Birthday Alicia!! Remember , you deserve extra credit, because every year with Mark is like 10 normal years! We love you Girlie!

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