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Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Daily Donut Day 46- Fractured Prune Blueberry Hill Thriller

    Fractured Prune Friday!

Antoine Dominique, aka"Fats Domino", released his version of "BLUEBERRY HILL" in 1956 and it became an instant hit. Check it out at That's right, you know the song. Richie Cunningham's theme song from "Happy Days". Makes me want to run out and get the DVD of "Happy Days" TV series and relive some of my youth. Great show!

Fractured Prune released their version of the Blueberry Hill donut more recently, but this one was also an instant hit. The Fractured Prune Blueberry Hill Donut is the standard cake donut dipped in powdered sugar with a blueberry glaze topping and served hot while you wait as only Fractured Prune can do it! This blueberry thriller was made by the good people at the Fractured Prune shop at 1303 S. Salisbury Blvd.(410-546-9899), but you can find your local "FP" at Check them out, I'm sure you will "find your thrill!"


simplydelicious said...

Yummmm...makes me want one right now!!!!


Keithaccino said...

Thanks! It was delicious!