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Monday, July 19, 2010

The Daily Donut Day 48- Ocean City Donut Derby 2010


The "boys" are at it again! As you may recognize from previous blogs, my brothers are, "The Don" Poso, "T-Dawg Timmons, "Gravy"(the teacher) Gravenor, and me- "Keithaccino." Once a Summer we all head to West Ocean City, Md to the Grand Prix Family Go-Cart Track( as part of the celebrations of the Summer birthdays. Poso turned 46 on June 13th(see Donut Day 14) and Timmons joined in his oldness on July 6th(see Donut Day 36). I am still the youngest and won't catch them until next year!
Race Time 7:30 PM. The sign says it all. We could write a book about what we think we know about Go-Cart racing, but tonight Gravy is ready to teach us all a lesson. School is in!

The track was ready. The cars were ready, but first- the DONUTS!

Today's donut is  from The Oceans Market at 14107 Coastal Hwy in Ocean City(410) 250-1927. This place has it all! They are a full service Exxon( Convenience Store and along with donuts, they also sell beer and wine! That's what I'm talking about! This country does not have enough BEER/WINE&DONUT shops!
  The Vanilla Glazed Cake Donut is race ready! Rich vanilla frosting in every bite and the cake donut has that good home made taste! Great job Oceans Market!
Time to eat the donuts!
Jeannie Faye(Mrs. T-Dawg), Gravy, and T-Dawg show off their donut eating skills, while I- having more experience- go "no handsies!"

When the Poso's arrived the real "Donut Love" began!

The Posos, Gravenors and Timmons all share a donut before the racing begins. Gentlemen start your engines!

The tracks were slick and the drivers sweaty, but an AWESOME time was had by all!
Another great thing about donuts! Dunking and Driving is perfectly OK!

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