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Wednesday, July 07, 2010

The Daily Donut Day 36- T-Dog's Birthday

As you may know, I have three  "brothers" that I have known my entire life and believe it or not we are all still friends(see Donut Day 14). They are as shown above on Gravy's 40th birthday(a long time ago) Donald "The Don" Poso, Harvey Keith "T-Dog" Timmons, Mark "Gravy" Gravenor, and Me "Keithaccino". Although since I am the youngest and most annoying, I have been called many other names by these guys over the years.
July 6th is Timmons' birthday. I do not remember a time when he wasn't my neighbor and best friend. The Timmons family moved in, a house down, when we were around two years old. That means we have been getting each other in and out of trouble for over 40 years. Man, we ARE old! T-Dog is six months older than I so he has always been "Big Keith" and I am "Little Keith". Yes, our families still call us that when referring to each of us. In the above picture, Timmons was showing his support at my Tiny Tot graduation, but by the look of the picture, I think he was playing a Jazz concert later. Stylin!
Believe it or not, Timmons has never been a big fan of sweets. Probably because I ate them all when we were kids. He does enjoy the Chocolate Banana cake his Mom makes for him each year. It IS delicious!(Save me a piece, man!) The above donut is the Entenmann's Plain(  We ate many of these guys over the years- right out of the box! This guy has only 180 calories, so you can eat a couple if you like.
Happy Birthday T-Dog! Love you, Man!

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