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Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Daily Donut Day 58 - Cappuccino's Fruit Donut

My friend and co-worker at BRF(, Brenda, was lucky enough to visit the Hilton Hotel and Casino( in Atlantic City, NJ( recently. Hopefully she was lucky in the casino too! I do know she found something inside the casino that reminded her of me!
Cappuccino's is a coffee and espresso bar inside the Hilton with a great name! They have been "accinofied!" See Donut Day50. Guess what- Cappuccino's is also a bake shop and they sell DONUTS!

 These yeast raised donuts are big and fluffy. They are completely topped with thick gooey vanilla icing and the hole is filled with fruit! Shown are cherry and apple filled donuts and I can tell you I did eat them both! Brenda went to Atlantic City, but I think I was the one who cashed in! Thanks Brenda, you are always a winner with me!

One of our favorites at BRF, Sunny, decided to leave this week to take early retirement(if you can believe that) and pursue other interests. We will all miss the "Sunshine" she brought to our family at BRF and we wish her "Good Luck and Great Donuts!" Sunny was so well loved at BRF she got THREE cakes for her send off! I guess we are all trying to fatten her up!

All that and a dozen donuts!


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