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Sunday, July 04, 2010

The Daily Donut Day 33- Foxy Roxy's Birthday

Wow! Was everyone I know born this time of year? Just more reason to eat more donuts!
My friend and co-worker, Roxy, is an interior designer at BRF(, so for her birthday I wanted to pick a more artistic donut. I think this Wingnut's Marble Glazed fits the bill. This donut is a work of Art! The contrast of the dark chocolate drizzle against the white vanilla glaze makes this donut look as if it is made of porcelain. I am glad it is not, because this yeast raised donut has sweet soft goodness in every bite! Visit Wingnut's Donuts at 1207 Mt Hermon Rd in Salisbury(410-546-4780). I have timed my visits so I arrive just as the fresh donuts are being placed in the case! Lucky? I think not!


In honor of Roxy's birthday I have scoured the Internet and found furniture and accessories inspired by donuts! Enjoy!

Donut dining table and chandelier.
Donut phone, rug, and lamp EAT HAPPY! But don't eat the furniture!


kmwwu said...

thanks for the wonderful wish! oh, if the whole world were as passionate about donuts as we are, how sweet it would be! wow,now that you mention it, my favorite design style is transitional and contemporary!i think you've got something here!hummm

Susan Rainey said...

What a cool blog! Very nice tribute for Kim's birthday!

Keithaccino said...

Thanks! Glad everyone is enjoying this donut trip! Now, I am easier to find- just type in!