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Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Daily Donut Day 39- Fractured Prune Black Forest Donut


Feelin Hot, Hot, Hot! That is the only way the donuts come from Fractured Prune. The above donut is a Black Forest Donut based on the Black Forest cake(, we all know and love! Fractured Prune's Black forest is the standard hot fresh made cake donut with raspberry glaze, coconut, and mini chocolate chips! The mini chocolate chips are just the right "meltiness" and combined with the raspberry glaze this donut is like eating a giant chocolate covered cherry or raspberry in this case! I'm not sure who comes up with all of these combinations for Fractured Prune, but they are certified "GENIUS!"
This donut was created at the Fractured Prune at 1303 S. Salisbury Blvd(410-546-9899), but you can check out your local "FP" at

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