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Monday, September 06, 2010

The Daily Donut Day 96- Bayville Bakery Brioche

Bayville Bakery is located in the Bayville Shopping Center at 37238 Lighthouse Rd(RT 54) next to Smitty Mcgee's( in Selbyville(302-436-2220). I stopped by this great bakery on my way home to pick up a couple of donuts, and ended up leaving with my donuts, a loaf of Armenian wheat bread(all gone by the way), and this lovely Brioche. See below:


A Brioche is more like a French bread. This pastry dates back to the 1400's in Europe. A donut's Great Great Grandmother. The filling in the picture is a cream cheese mixture. YUM! The entire pastry is sweet, but not too sweet. The dough has a French bread taste while still being soft and sweet. The cheese filling is sweet, but you can still taste the cheese. Love that sweet/savory combination. You gotta try this!

I was sooo happy with my purchases from Bayville Bakery I decided to share my donuts with my co-workers at BRF( These did not last long! Sorry Guys, the Armenian Wheat did not make it , I ate the entire loaf on my ride home!


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