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Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Daily Donut Day 112- Hocker's/G&E Vanilla Frosted Devil's Food Donut

Hocker's G &E Super Market at 30244 Cedar Neck Rd in Oceanview, DE(302-539-9662).


The first time someone ate the rich dark chocolate used to make this donut, they commented it was the opposite of the light white of Angel Food! Soon after, this rich dark chocolate became known as Devil's Food. It must be if it is the opposite of Angel Food, right?!!
Hocker's/G&E makes this rich chocolate cake donut fresh every day! The thick sweet vanilla frosting is the perfect complement to the deep dark rich chocolate. This is my favorite kind of cake! Very similar to the "red velvet" my Mom Mom Phillips made years ago for my birthday!
I would share a bite of this delicious donut, but unfortunately mine is all gone. Stop by one of the two Hocker's/G&E locations in Oceanview or Clarksville, DE to get your own or see if they are offering any discount coupons at



Emily said...

this donut looks so yummy i think i need one now!

Keithaccino said...

It was super good!