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Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Daily Donut Day 101- Martha's Vineyard Gourmet Glazed Donuts


I am blessed to have a great group of friends and family who not only indulge me this donut blog, but many times help me with ideas and in procuring donuts!
One of my best helpers is my co-worker at BRF( Caroline(see Donut Day 9). If you need to get something done, check with Caroline- this girl has CONNECTIONS!

Thanks Caroline- You rock the DONUTS!

On a recent trip to visit to her parents on Martha's Vineyard(, Caroline was able to visit one of The Vineyard's oldest and most loved bakeries and even better, she was able to smuggle a couple of their finest glazed donuts back home to me!! All this while Hurricane Earl was bearing down on Martha's Vineyard! Caroline, you risked your life for me and the donuts! I will forever be indebted!


Martha's Vineyard Gourmet Cafe & Bakery is located at 5 Post Office Square in Oak Bluffs, MA(508-693-3688) is the home of Back Door Donuts. After the bakery closes in the evening, you can still buy fresh donuts at the back door of the bakery from 9pm until 12:30 AM. Ready for a late night donut run?!

These glazed donuts made it all the way from Martha's Vineyard to my belly during a hurricane! They were still GOOD! The glazed donut is yeast raised, but has a nice "cakey" taste. No wonder people wait by the back door for these donuts!

Caroline picking up donuts at the "Back Door!"
Thanks again to Caroline- I owe you BIG!


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