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Friday, September 10, 2010

The Daily Donut Day 100- T. S. Smith's Apple Donut

                          DONUT DAY

WOW! 100 days and over 100 donuts! Believe it or not, I am still not sick of donuts. Melissa, the girls, and all my friends are by now. Just how many donut stories can you listen to. Well guys, only 265 more days and donuts to go. On June 3rd, 2011(National Donut Day 2011) Mel and I plan to get married at VooDoo Donuts( in Portland, Oregon. Until then, I will keep eating donuts and continue writing about these beautiful little round circles of LOVE! 

I remember visiting T. S. Smith & Sons at 8899 Redden Rd in Bridgeville, DE(302-337-8271) many times as a kid with my Pop Pop, Howard Phillips. We would buy apples, vegetables, hard candy, and fresh apple donuts! Pop Pop would pick an apple out of each basket and take a big bite before he made his selections. Don't know if I would try that today, but I do know they will provide samples!

The T. S. Smith Farm( was started in Bridgeville, DE( in 1907 by Mr. Thomas Sterling Smith and is now one of the two surviving orchards in Delaware. T.S. Smith and Sons is a proud sponsor of the Apple-Scrapple Festival( the second weekend of October every year in downtown Bridgeville! If you are not familiar with Scrapple(, it is made from the scraps left over when a hog is butchered and in my opinion it is delicious sliced thin and fried hard!

Fruit, Vegetables, and donuts! Love it!

Day 100 started out with Shelby and I on a donut hunt in Seaford, DE( We heard one of the last remaining Mister Donut Shops( was still open in Seaford. Alas, the old Mister Donut on Norman Eskridge Highway is now a Laundry. We will track down a Mister "D"- I promise! Since the next town north of Seaford is Bridgeville, we decided to revisit the T.S. Smith Apple donuts I remembered from my childhood. Lucky us! The donuts were still there and still DELICIOUS! These apple donuts are soft and fresh with just enough cinnamon sugar topping to make you lick your lips between each bite! Our donuts were sooo good we decided we could not keep these just for ourselves, so we decided to share some of this donut love!

I spent the better part of my young adulthood as a salesman, buyer, manager, etc. at Mitchells Interiors( in Laurel, DE( This store is my second home and the people here are my family. Mitchells has been in business for over 85 years and the main store just had some major renovations. Looking good Mitchells!! It was great to visit with Roger, Doris and Michelle! Hope you guys enjoyed the donuts!

Shel and I headed home worn out, but with bellies full of donuts! I think the Bridgeville sign says it all- "If you lived here, you would be home now!" We don't live in Bridgeville, but it sure felt like home!


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