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Monday, September 20, 2010

The Daily Donut Day 110- Ruthie's Vanilla Iced Coconut Donut

You can file this one under Homer Simpson's quote: "Is there anything a donut can't do!??"
Another thing a donut can do: Find you a parking space!
My friend and co-worker at BRF( Cindy Lou was picking up lunch for everyone from our friend Rick's Baja Beach House Grill( and could not find a place to park in downtown Bethany. She decided to turn around and head back up the street and when she pulled into a parking lot to turn around she found RUTHIE'S BETHANY BAKERY, a place to park, and a DONUT for me!!


This "lucky" donut is a light yeast raised donut with delicious vanilla frosting and topped with crisp coconut! I cannot wait to stop back by Ruthie's for more flavors! You know my saying,"One donut leads to more donuts!" Check out Ruthie's Bethany Bakery(.302-539-1119) on Facebook or stop the bakery on Garfield Parkway in Downtown Bethany Beach, DE.(


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