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Friday, September 17, 2010

The Daily Donut Day 107- WaWa Vanilla Frosted Donut w/ Fall Sprinkles

The leaves are changing color, school is back in session, the air is a little cooler- I guess Summer is over. Even the donut shops are starting to offer Fall seasonal donuts. The sprinkles on the WaWa Frosted have changed from the red, white and blue of Summer to the orange, yellow, and brown of Fall. Taste?

Still good!!
The WaWa Vanilla Frosted is the light and airy yeast raised donut with a nice schmear of vanilla frosting and, because it is Fall, the yellow, orange and brown sprinkles. Pretty and tasty! This guy is from the WaWa at 2740 N Salisbury Blvd in Salisbury(410-548-7946), but you can find your closest WaWa at
One good thing about Fall- Football shaped donuts! Coming soon!


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