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Friday, September 17, 2010

The Daily Donut Day 106- Touch of Italy Eclair


Got a text from my sis, Amy Lynn, yesterday letting me know that today was National Creme Filled Donut Day. Never heard of that one, so I looked it up. September 14th is known as National Creme filled Donut Day. I could not find any reason why we celebrate creme filled donuts on this day, but I will be the last one to argue over any donut celebration! I just needed to find a creme filled donut!


Our friend, Sandy, is a Landscape Architect, but she works part-time at a great Italian Salumeria and Pasticceria. A Salumeria sells cured meats and a Pasticceria is a pastry shop. So, Touch of Italy is basically a deli and pastry shop, but it is really alot more than that. Touch of Italy has three locations near the beach in Delaware. You can visit them at 33A Baltimore Ave(where Sandy works) in Rehoboth(302-227-1500), 535 Atlantic Ave in Millville(302-539-1355, and soon at 101 2nd St in Lewes. All locations offer a wide selection of foods, from specialty hero sandwiches to delicious Italian pastries! I get hungry just thinking about them!
The Chocolate Frosted Eclair Sandy brought to our house is overflowing with rich sweet creme filling. The eclair is flakier than the average cake or yeast raised donut, but is a perfect complement to the creme filling. I am amazed how such a large pastry can be so light and fresh. The chocolate frosting is literally, the icing on the cake! You cannot bite this eclair without getting creme on your face! YUM!

Emily & Sandy!

Thanks Sandy for bringing the delicious eclair! You can see all the Italian cookies, biscotti,etc Touch of Italy offers and even order some at


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