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Monday, September 13, 2010

The Daily Donut Day 104- Kitchen Kettle Village Blueberry Fritter

Rachel(see Donut Day 75), my friend and coworker at BRF( recently visited the Pennsylvania Dutch Country( of Southeastern Pennsylvania. While there she stopped into Lancaster, PA, at her former employer, The Sight and Sound Theatre(, for a performance of Joseph and found some Amish Donuts for me at the Kitchen Kettle Village in Intercourse, PA. Thanks, Rach!


The Kitchen Kettle Village at 3529 Old Philadelpia Pike in Intercourse, PA(800-732-3538) was started as a canning business in 1954 in the two-car garage of Pat and Bob Burnley. Now Kitchen Kettle is literally, a village, and includes 42 stores and restaurants. You can even sleep over if you want! Check out the website at
The Blueberry Fritter is what I call an Amish Donut. The Amish affectionately call these "Uglies" because the look like a big blob of textured dough. They look beautiful to me! The texture holds the thick glaze on the outside and tickles your tongue with each bite. I just love blueberries, so I knew this fritter would be an instant favorite with me! By the way, Kettle Kitchen does ship across the US so order early and often! 


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Emily said...

This donut looks really yucky!