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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Daily Donut Year 2- Mom's Birthday June 13th




June 13th is the birthday of my Mother, Joyce Nichols. This is how she looked when we told her actual age! WOW! She loves to go to the Texas Roadhouse(  at 107 East Cedar Lane in Fruitland, Md because her favorite clown(don't your Moms have a favorite clown?), Sunshine( is there making balloon art, cracking jokes, painting faces, and basically spreading mirth and merriment! Good Times!!

Sunshine is an excellent balloon artist! She even has her own little air compressor strapped to her back! WOW!

Nathan got a balloon sword! Unfortunately, it burst in the parking lot. DARN!

Mel and Shel and our own"Sweet Caroline" being "TOO CUTE", as just comes naturally to them!

The kids all got snakes painted on their arms! Gnarly!

Mom's Birthday Cake!! If we had put the correct amount of candles on, the fire alarms and sprinklers would have gone off!

After several attempts, the candles were finally blown out!


You know I cannot celebrate a birthday without DONUTS! The above lovelies are from Bayville Bakery(302-436-2220) at 37238 Lighthouse Rd just west of Fenwick Island, DE. These yeast raised donuts are BIG and FLUFFY! Honey Glazed, Marble Frosted, Creme Filled, and that Boston Creme must have weighed 5 lbs! Just full of delicious Boston creme!

An Elephant Ear! This light crispy cinnamony treat brings back memories of  Hooks Pastry Shop in the Old Salisbury Mall! Just one of many fresh baked goods available from the chefs at Bayville Bakery! Check them out on Facebook!


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